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Our affinity for trends research, technology design and respect for architecture has allowed 6Sides to harmoniously merge design and the construction process together. Specializing in high-end lifestyle sectors from Commercial, Residential to Hospitality and Retail, 6Sides navigates a project from concept through construction to completion.

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Technology Strategy Consulting

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Sustainability & IoT Advisors 

Trust, integrity, and creativity are integral parts of any successful 6Sides projects.

We believe few organizations maintain the workforce required to manage so many details, yet these details are often the difference between success and failure. That's why our mission is to be a client's exclusive advocate - whether a Project Manager acting as an extension of your in-house team or as your sole Owner's Representative to Technology Consultants. Our team can handle specific services or entire projects from concept to completion.

Exceptional Consultants, Project Managers and Owner's Representation goes beyond scheduling and budgeting. 6Sides provide clients with experienced leadership, indispensable knowledge, and valuable industry influence that affect every phase of a project, from developing cost-saving solutions to finding the best vendors for your needs.

Technology has an unbridled capacity to connect us to one another and to enhance our daily lives, but in many ways, it has distanced people from each other and the natural world. 6Sides see an opportunity to use new technologies to reconnect and to improve our relationships to change the behemoth industry of technology, 6Sides is currently creating work that acts as a proof of concept.

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